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Upcoming Initiatives

Hay Community Capacity Building Adventure

We've worked with the Hay Community since October 2019 and are keen to develop a sustainable, long-term delivery of the Giz A Break program for young people from Hay and surrounding communities. This adventure is designed to develop capacity within the community to become part of delivering the program locally. Six community members are invited to come along. The ideal candidates will be:

  • Aged between 23 and 50 and fit enough to go for hikes up and down a mountain while carrying a backpack
  • Have an unrestricted drivers licence
  • Have experience in supporting young people (14-25 yo) in tricky situations
  • Understand (implicitly or explicitly) the determinants of health, social, educational, and economic outcomes for young people in Hay,
  • Have engaged with Giz A Break previously, or have good awareness of who we are and what we do
  • Be excited about learning to do new things and happy to step out of their comfort zone 
We've booked a cosy house in the High Country with the upper Goulburn River in our backyard. From there, we'll set out to learn about how we operate and govern Giz A Break, how we engage with young people, and how to use a 4x4 in off-road conditions (including basic 4x4 recovery operations). Our youth worker Dallas and founder Sonke will be joined by a young person happy to share her story and be ready to ask all sorts of questions you might not usually get to ask. Together, we'll guide you on how to engage effectively, kindly, and sustainably. We'll finish off with a skills & readiness assessment and then begin scheduling you for participation in our camps for young people from your community, to be delivered between November 2023 and December 2024.

If you're excited by this and are keen to become part of the Giz A Break program, please get your application in ASAP :) Any questions, please call Sonke on 0401 833 110 or email him on [email protected].

Journey through the NSW Outback with us!

We're super excited to bring this new adventure to you. We've had loads of enquiries from 17+ year old young people about camps for their age group - some of our participants are growing up and keen to keep coming along, and others would love to come but don't fit into the 14-17 year old age bracket for most of our NDIS-claimable camps. So, here it is! We'll be discovering national parks along the Darling, explore homesteads on huge outback stations, and hit the backroads - red dirt & mulga: There's nothing quite like it.

We live and work on Aboriginal land. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land our adventures take place on:

  • Yorta Yorta and Bangerang (lower Goulburn River and Murray River)
  • Taungurung (western Alpine region)
  • Eastern Maar Country (Otways)
  • Djab Wurrung and Jardwardjali (Gariwerd / Grampians)
  • Barengi Gadjin (Victorian Deserts)

We are acutely aware of, and celebrate, the fact that Aboriginal cultures are the oldest surviving cultures in the world, and we include truth telling in our adventures.

Safety first

The safety and wellbeing of participants and everyone who engages with us, especially young and vulnerable people, is our top priority.  You can access our Child Safety & Wellbeing Policy using the button below, and you can also provide us with feedback or make a complaint using the form (see the button below). You're also welcome to write to us on [email protected] or call us on 0401 833 110. 


Community Initiatives

So, you'd like to arrange for an adventure or an initiative for your school or community to bring about change for some or many? This is for you.

Independent Adventures (NDIS)

Want to boost your social skills, become more independent, and increase your community participation? Find out about our camps and 1:1 mentoring programs accessible to anyone, including self-funded and NDIS funded participants. 

Custom Adventures

You're after something bespoke in terms of destination and structure? Tag-along or fully catered? Outback or Otways? Find out what we can do and get in touch.


High Country

Mountain tops, water falls, crystal clear streams and amazing 4x4 tracks. Oh, and high country huts thrown into the mix as well. Our camps are between October and May, and our 1:1 Adventures go all year around.

Otway Magic

Come along for an unforgettable off-road adventure through the Great Otways. Rainforest, shipwrecks, beaches and waterfalls - all in the one day. This is true magic: The Great Ocean Road from an angle few get to experience.

VIC Deserts

Toboggan down white sand dunes, scale towering dunes in the four-wheel drive, and marvel at the desert spring flowering and sunsets over salt lakes. This is a breath-taking destination - and we bet you didn't even know we had these gems on our doorstep. 

Strathbogie Ranges

So close to our base and yet sooooo goooooood! Slippery clay, creeks, rain forest and steep, rocky and rutted tracks. A real adventure playground!

The Rivers

We're so lucky to live in River Country: The Broken and Goulburn Rivers make for wonderful fishing and kayaking destinations, and the Murray's hidden sandy beaches and River Redgum forests are the perfect destination for some respite - and koala spotting!

Gariwerd (Grampians)

A spectacular and unique destination that has stunning rock art, thrilling hikes, refreshing waterfalls, and fantastic 4x4 tracks with views that will stay with you forever.

Who are we?

Giz A Break gives people the break they need, when they need it most. We specialise in delivering outdoor-based health promotion initiatives that we co-design with communities, organisations, and groups. The issues we tackle can be diverse - they include primary prevention, such as the working with young people to build their resilience and so prevent mental health issues down the track, right through to secondary prevention, such as working with people who are recovering from significant illness. Giz A Break is a registered charity run by a team of passionate people who live in rural Australia and want to make a difference through grass-roots, meaningful, practical action.

Permission to play.

We’re children at heart - think Pippi Longstocking, and you get the picture. We get excited about stuff. We believe in the good in people. We believe that finding time and space to play is good for young and old. Playing is how we practise being part of a community, coping with setbacks, and celebrating successes. It’s through making experiences in safe environments that we learn how to become resilient, how we learn new, healthier ways of doing things. The purpose of Giz A Break is to create that space.


In it for the right reasons.

We're a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity with DGR (tax deductible gift recipient) status. This means three things:

  1. We don't aim to make a profit.
  2. All our revenue goes towards achieving our purpose.
  3. Donations can be deducted from your taxable income.

Skilled team & unique service.

Based in Dookie (VIC 3646), we get regional and rural life and everything that comes with it. With experience and qualifications in health and community services coupled with 4x4 certifications, we bring a unique set of skills to the table. Whether you're a school that wants to work creatively and intensively with a specific cohort of students, or whether you're an NDIS participant looking for capacity building initiatives that are different yet complementary to traditional clinical approaches, we've got you covered.